Remember to Update Licenses

Social Work licenses expire every two years (on September 30th, even years only).  Please update

your license information in SAFE

Process to Update License:


In SAFE, open the directory

Click on the SAFE Worker tab

Type in your last name, first name

Then click on the Search button

Right click on your name in window below or double click

The worker window will display

On the General tab, double click in the License area to open the “Worker License Update”

If you are entering your license information for the first time, click on the "Insert" button to enter the license information

Choose License type from the drop down list and enter Start  and End dates for your current license

Click “Save” and then “Close”

Your new license information will be updated and displayed

If you already have your previous license information entered, open the your Worker license update window, highlight the End date and type in the new End date

Your updated license will be updated and displayed