Each October, foster care workers will receive a notice to update school information under the Person/Education tab for school age children in foster care.  We are mandated to report the number of children in state custody by school district to the Federal Administration for Children and Families for Title IV funding to the school districts.  Thank you for entering and keeping this information current.

Previous Education information for the youth will be finalized.  You will need to call the SAFE Help desk at 801-538-4141 to update any historical Education information. 

Currently in SAFE once an Education record is entered, it all fields will be locked down with the exception of the Exit Date, Exit Reason and Comments field.  In the next SAFE release the Education record will be left in draft for 45 days and then will automatically finalize. 




Youth school information is required to be updated each new school year or if changes are made when the youth changes schools.  School information is sent monthly to the State Board of Education Youth & Custody Coordinator.


Entering information on this tab helps workers to:

NOTE:  If the youth is not currently enrolled, then add the most recent enrollment information and the Exit Date & Reason


To create a new school record click on the  in the Person Education History window



NOTE:  Depending on what is selected for Location and School Status, select or enter information for each field below

NOTE:  Be sure to enter Exit Date and Exit Reason when child has left or changed schools

 The Person Education window now displays a history of schools the youth has attended 




Print the Youth in Custody Form for Schools


To print the YIC Intake Information report with the primary school information

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